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Technical Rigging Services engages a CPEng in the design of all our Height Safety Systems and in the initial recertification of older systems, for the protection of the users and system owners, thereby complying with WorkSafe New Zealand Guildelines.

Following the Department of Labour (DOL) Alert issued in 2010, and the subsequent Industrial Rope Access in NZ Best Practice Guidelines (2012), we felt there was some ambiguity regarding the engagement of a CPEng in safety system recertifications.  We sort clarification from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).  Below is their reponse, which when read in conjunction with the Industrial Rope Access in NZ Best Practice Guidelines, clearly requires the use of a CPEng in the recertification of older safety systems:

"Anchor points/systems used on buildings are vital pieces of safety equipment. As such, it is essential that owners of buildings ensure these vital pieces of safety equipment do their job effectively. As Health and Safety regulator, MBIE has recommended building owners take the practicable step of ensuring all anchor points/systems intended for current use are checked regularly and certified by a certified professional engineer to ensure that the system is still fit-for-purpose. While all anchor points/systems should be checked, because of wear, tear, and degradation over time, it is particularly important that building owner ensure any older anchor points/systems are carefully inspected. MBIE considers this type of checking a practicable step to take.  
Owners failing to take all practicable steps to ensure safety can harm people and, potentially, can expose themselves to legal risk. When we issue guidance on a particular matter, this helps form our view about the ‘current state of knowledge’. When we take enforcement action against someone for failing to comply with the Act, we will draw upon the ‘current state of knowledge’ to demonstrate what should have been done (i.e. what the practicable step(s) looks like) and how the defendant should have known about this (because we issued guidance). The current state of knowledge includes any guidance we have produced setting out clear expectations about steps duty holders can take to manage hazards effectively. Defendants are in a much stronger position to defend themselves against potential enforcement action if they can demonstrate that they have complied with our guidance."



 Counterfeit Petzl Product Warning: Petzl has recently discovered Chinese counterfeit versions of a number of their products. This came about as apparent Petzl products were failing and being returned to Petzl. The counterfeit products have been meticulously reproduced, making them very difficult to identify. Always purchase your Petzl products from a reputable supplier and be very wary of second hand or as new products.  Click here for further detailed information.

Grade 80 and Grade 100 Lift Chain Component and Assembly Alert:  Cookes have recently put out an alert regarding possible material defects with a batch of Grade 80 and Grade 100 rings and multi rings manufactured by Weissenfel in Italy and distributed in New Zealand from June 2010.  Please check any product you may have purchased. For more information Cookes Alert 9 02 2011

Falcon Fall Arrestor Unit Alert: A possible swaging issue has been identified with the Falcon Fall Arrestor unit, resulting in a product safety recall being issued.  Please click here to download the Product Safety notice and recommendations.

Railok Trolley Alert: Capital Safety have issued a product safety recall for the trolley component of the Railok system, sold in New Zealand post 1998.  Please click here to download the notice and procedure instructions.


TRS was a foundation member of the Height Safety Association of New Zealand, prior to its incorporation into SARNZ (Scaffold and Rigging New Zealand) where we now sit on the Executive.  Click here for more information about SARNZ.

We are proud to be suppliers and certified installers of the New Zealand designed and manufactured Safetor Roof Anchor range.  Technical Rigging Services is also certified installers of Checkmate, Latchways, Skylotec, Sperian and Capital Safety products, including the following:

Xenon Interfix
Vi-Go Y-Spar
Glideloc Lad-Saf
Multirail Railok 90
Checkline II VRS
ManSafe LadderLatch

For all your height safety requirements or an obligation-free quotation, please contact us.



TRS is an accredited installer of the MonkeyToe range of walkways and handrails, which are fully compliant with AS/NZS industry standards.

We can also supply and install ladder and stairway access systems to individually suit your building.


TRS provides ladder audits, inspections and repairs.  We work closely with our Clients to create ladder registers, identify faults and carrying out any necessary repairs.

TRS has available for hire a wide range of height safety equipment, for temporary access and projects at height.


Lad-Saf Height Safety System Installed on the HMNZS Canterbury


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